Sufi Music in Delhi

Ghulam Sabir Nizami & Ghulam Waris Nizami
699, Chandni Mahal, Darya Ganj,
New Delhi

Shakir Ali, Tahir Ali, Mahir Ali Nizami Qawwal (popularly known as Nizami Brothers) has leading part in progressing the religious Qawwali who were trained by their father (Late) Jaffar Hussain Nizami.

Nizami Brothers have been awarded with innumerable titles and medals, the outstanding title of course was awarded by Nizami Foundation on the Urs of celebration of 700th anniversary Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Aulia (RA) whereby, they were awarded with the copious title of “TOOTI-E-NIZAM”.

In addition Haji Syed Sardar Ali and Al Haaj Gulshan Elahi Qadri Fareedi credited them with “Two Gold Crowns” at Hyderabad , Sindh. Also Pakistani Theatre handed over them “The Best Qawwal Award” in the year 1996 while the Friends of Art gave them Munawwar-uz-Zaman in “Best Performance in Qawwali”.

In the year 1997 they got “Ahmad Rushdi Award for Qawwali” and in then even year got “Ghulam Fareed Sabri Award” and “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Award”. Equally appreciating Anjuman Tehaffuzz- e-Sehat gave them “Best Qawwal” of the year in 2002.

Nizami Foundation International coveted Nizami Brothers with “Mehboob- e-Ilahi Award” while the Anjuman Saya-e- Panjetan gave them “First Qawwali Festival Award” and the Minister for Health Mr. Naeem Ishtiaq gave them “Best Performance in Qawwali Award” for the year 2004 in Mefil-e-Jashan-e-Eid Miladun Nabi arranged by Ghulaaman-e-Baba Fareed Shakar Ganj.

Nizami Brothers has been associated with various media branches and most of the channels telecast their popular Qawwalies. At the same time various recording companies have been released their Audios, Videos and VCDs. One of the Indian most celebrated Showbiz Company released their Audio which gave the record breaking business to the Company.
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Haji Mohd Idris and Mohd Ilyas
House No. 1061, Ward No.7,
Near Darga Sharif, Mehrauli
New Delhi

One of the most significant Qawwali artist in the contemporary Indian music scene, Haji Mohd Ilyas was born in Delhi Dated 22-9-1971(Mohd Idris), 18-3-1966 (Mohd Ilyas) in illustrious family of the Sarawana Ghrana.

Haji Mohd, Idris Mohd. Ilyas better known as the Qutabi brothers and is the inheritor of a 750 year old tradition nurtured and developed over several generations by such luminaries in the Indian Musical horizon.

Qutbi brother’s are Darbar Astana Hazrat Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki-R.A. New Delhi.

He has been awarded the title of (Qutbi Brother’s) from the dargah sharif.

In the sufiana styles and Astana Gayeki as well as the modern Qawwali Tradition.

Haji Mohd, Idris Modh. Ilyas are the ‘A’ grade artist at All India Radio, and also has performed at Doordarshan. He has an equal command over traditional Qawwali.

His famous Qawwali has been recorded on cassette and released by famous cassette companies like T-Series, Venu, Max, Qutub Audio and many others. Mohd. Idris & Mohd. Ilyas also performed in India International Center and Jahane Khusru festival in Delhi at humayun Tomb-front of Hona’ble President A.P.G. Abdul Kalam, two times Mohd. Idris & Mohd. IIyas performed in Shankar Dayal Sharma President House.
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Qadir Niazi, Haider, Hasan, Imran Niazi
698, Chandni Mahal, Darya Ganj,
New Delhi

Qadar Niazi learned from his illustrious father, Ustad Inam Ahmed Khan. He has been performing for the last 30 years and teaching Ghazals and Bhajans.

He is a Radio and TV singer of “A” Grade and gave performances in a big and reputed functions organized by the Sahitya Kala Parishad and Urdu Academy.

Niazi has visited number of countries and given the performances in U.K. Scotland, Pakistan, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Iran, Tanzania, Dubai, and Muscat. With the Grace of Almighty, his performances are appreciated every where.

He gave performances in Tele Film, “Kanjoos” and latest film “Khosla Ka Ghosla”.

Qadar Niazi honoured by the Delhi Chief Minister, Smt. Sheela Dixit in 2000. He give the performances in different languages, such as Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi is the main.

Qadar Niazi is one of the most famous Qawwali singer in the Sufi Styles, Aastana Gayaki as well as the Modern Qawwali tradition. He is a specialist singer on the Kalam (Poetries and verses) of Hazrat Amir Khusro, the Sufi Saint and legendary poet cum musician. He has a deep knowledge of “Khusravi Mausiqi”.
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