According to you these are just mythical stories or existed in the past? Or these are just the mythical stories?

Yes, I Believe Mahabharata existed. It was the Part of Indian History. Retired Archaeologist Mr. B.B LAL also believed on Mahabharata existence and he excavated many sites mentioned in Mahabharata. He excavated Kaushambi and got some remains belongs to Mahabharata. It could exist in ancient time. These epics are broad. Mahabharata is one of the greatest events of the past. It could exist in Indian history.

Were the past humans more advanced?

According to me, it is not possible in comparison to modern humans and technology. It seems like not possible for past human. Epic Literature is shown such kind of activities and behavior but we did not get any archaeological pieces of evidence which prove it these events actually happened in past time.

Were Hanuman and Jambhavantha another kind of species of human?

I do not think modern human lived with the other kinds of human species because they existed millions of years ago. Ramayana and Mahabharata are dated among 6 – 11 century B.C.

According to you what were these characters?

Hanuman or Jambhavantha could be a totem in which past people believed. Totem is an object (such as an animal or plant) serving as the emblem of a family or clan and often as a reminder of its ancestry. Whom the writers made a living character in there literature. They modified their stories with their imaginations.

Some time we heard about a mythical character “Yeti”. Has any research done on this character?

We hear many stories about Yeti specially in Nepal or Himalaya region, There is some research done on this character. Some researchers had gone to find him and evidence of its existence but did not get any proof. So this time we could say this is the part of local mythology which is heard in Nepal and Himalayan regions by the local residents.

There is no more fossil found in India except Narmada man. What is the reason Behind it? Is it true that No special attention is given to Paleoanthropological research in India by experts?

We did not find more fossils in India because of the climatic conditions. Fossils are preserved better in cold climatic condition. In cold climatic countries fossil remains more preserve in comparison to hot climatic countries.