Sometime back the flower markets of Delhi,located in Mehrauli,Connaught Place and Near Fatehpuri Masjid were shifted to Gazipur,an area located near Uttar Pradesh border.

Gazipur Flower Market
Situated near Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border, Ghazipur flower market is basically a merger of three erstwhile flower markets of Connaught Place, Fatehpuri, Mehrauli. One can find various flowers imported from places far and wide, apart from local flowers.
Two years it shifted here, sellers and buyers have mixed responses to the new abode of flower market. One being centralized place, facilities and most importantly being able to sell the wares throughout the day, against earlier when they had to sell off their wares during market closing hours at cheap rates. However, these are just few voices in the favor of the shift, many rue this shift, citing power shortages, water logging, no provision of garbage disposal among other factors. Apart from that dipping sales is yet another problems, adding to the sellers woes.

Connaught Place
Located in the Rajiv Gandhi Handicraft Bhawan, this erstwhile flower market was among the largest flowers markets of Asia, fondly called, Phool Mandi. Popular flowers here included, roses, iris, lilies, orchids, imported from places like Thailand, Netherlands etc. Apart from these, various types of ornamental leaves and pseudo branches are also sold, especially sought after by the florists, who use them to make bouquets. Problems here included, lack of infrastructure and facilities, broken roads, unmetelled roads etc.

Genda Phool Market, Fatehpuri Masjid
Famous for its marigold or genda flower, this market is situated in Old Delhi, in the by lanes of Chandni Chowk. This market sells genda phool in its loose form, starting early in the morning till 9a.m. after another spice market takes form in place of it. Quite congested area for commuting and buying flowers.

Mehrauli Flower Market
Located in the ancient lanes of Mehrauli, near Hanuman Temple, this used to be quite a popular and famous flower markets among Delhiites. This market too specializes in marigold flowers in their loose and garland forms, but also for some cut flowers. Open throughout the day it’s quite a spectacle of flowers to one’s eyes.