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50 Maestros 50 Recordings



From Begum Akhtar to Bhimsen Joshi, Enayat Khan to Ravi Shankar, Bismillah Khan to Shiv Kumar Sharma, Indian classical music is as varied as it can be, from the pure traditional gharanas to more recent blends and fusions. Young sarod players Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan have grown up surrounded by music and musicians. In this tribute to the masters of Indian classical music, both instrumental and vocal, they take us through their encounters with fifty musicians from the twentieth century, exploring the world of both Hindustani and Carnatic music. Filled with personal anecdotes and musical appraisals, and accompanied by a CD selection of some of the finest recorded performances, this book takes you through the best of Indian classical music. Interspersed with some rare photographs from the authors’ personal collection as well as descriptions and details of every recording they have discussed, this book is a keepsake for the connoisseur and a comprehensive introduction to the beginner.


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