Delhi 360


Made in 1846, the painting commonlyknown as ‘The Delhi Panorama’ by the famous topographical artist Mazhar AliKhan is the finest artistic rendering of Shahjahanabad ever made. It alsoaffords a unique glimpse into the heart of the imperial palace in the Red Fortbefore much of it was destroyed after the 1857 Uprising. The 360 degree view ofDelhi along with its extraordinary detailing of the cityscape makes thepanorama not just an important historical document but also the masterpiece ofits artist. The 5-metre long panorama, which is in the collection of theBritish Library since 1981, along with all the Persian and Urdu inscriptionshas never before been published complete. Its publication here is accompaniedby essays that put the panorama in its historical and artistic context with acommentary on the inscriptions that brings it to life. The book will appeal toscholars of Indian history especially Mughal history; anyone with a deepinterest in the art, architecture, and history of Mughal India; and allDilliwallas.