The ‘’Shatkona’’ is a hexagram and is associated with the son of Shiva – Shakti, Lord Murugan(in Tamil). Shatkona ‘’six-pointed star’’, is two interlocking triangles; the upper stands for Shiva, ‘purusha’(male energy) and fire, the lower for Shakti, ‘prakriti’(female power) and water, also called as the star of david representing Lord Murugan as the god had six faces. It is believed that the six faces of murugan represents five elements-ether, fire, water,
ether, air and the sixth is the spirit that infuses life into the beings formed by the elements. Lord Murugan is also called as Lord Kartikeyan in some traditions. This symbol
is used in making different yantras for eg. Shree yantra, Vishnu yantra etc.