Why do you believe in Ramayana and Mahabharata?

There are many proofs of Ramayana and Mahabharata existence. There are Ashok
Vatika mentioned in Ramayana in present located in Sri Lanka.

According to you how can be Hanuman belong to the other human-like species?

If apes existed in past millions of years ago so why they could not exist at Ramayana
event. They were not human or monkey but they could be ape just like we see apes
surround us, gorilla or monkeys. These all are apes exist today.

Science believes in visual proof. But what about our feelings?

Just like your love for your mother. It’s not a chemical reaction. It is feeling that you
feel we cannot see it but it exist. So how you explain it? The faith is the reality. If we
have faith in something then we should believe in it. Evidences are not all solution
for every problem.”

How can I find the evidence through literature?

If you any literature then it should be genuine first. There are many literature and
variety of epics. But the original one if Bhagavad Gita. You should read it you can
find all solution of all Problems.

In What should I Believe? Science or Literature?

You should have faith in what you believe. There are many myths, history, stories,
Proofs etc. But the question is what you believe in? If you believe that human
species existed in Vedic time then you have to believe in it.

But how to find the conclusion of my research?

There is much research has been done. What you doing is research not search? It has
been already searched. We research the topic what is already searched. So there are
many conclusions are already found and you will also find. There is only one thing
that is faith.

According to you what is Faith?

Faith is a reality. Faith is everything which is important to survive. Without faith,
you will lose in this world to find the answer.