Narrated by: Jaya Francis, a resident of Indra Vihar
Tale passed on to her by: Grandmother
Language: Malayalam

Once upon a time in a town an officer left for his work after a tiff with his wife. At work, he was irritated the whole time. He took out his frustration and anger by scolding his junior officer, thus, filling him with frustration too. The junior officer took out his frustration on a clerk. The clerk then took out his frustration on a peon. The peon, went back home and took out his frustration by beating up his wife in rage. The wife beat up her son in order to let go of her annoyance. The kid ran out of his home crying, and not knowing who to take out his frustration on, hit a dog in frenzy. The dog too, was filled up with anger by the little boy’s act and went on to kick a cat on the way. The cat, in rage, pounced on a rat and scratched him with the intention to only hurt him. The rat then went ahead to chase and yell on a cockroach who then went on to take out his frustration on an ant. Thus, the anger passed on from the senior officer to an ant in a chain reaction, spreading and infecting humans, animals and insects alike, like a plague. The moral of this story was that anger is contagious and should be avoided at all costs as it only spoils stuff. One should be patient and calm in life in all situations.