Narrated by: Tanushree Rabha, a resident of Vijay Nagar
Tale passed on to her by: Mother
Language: Assamese

Once upon a time there was a confectioner who ran his sweet shop with his little son in a village. One day, the confectioner felt very sleepy, so he asked his son to look after the shop while he went to take an afternoon nap. While the son was taking care of the shop in the absence of his father, a man came to the shop and asked the little boy if he can have the sweets. The boy immediately ran to wake his father up and inform him that someone wants to eat the sweets, and if that “someone” can be permitted to have them. The father enquired who it was, the boy was clueless. So the confectioner sent the boy back to ask who that “someone” was. When the boy enquired from the man that who he was and what was his name, the man who came to eat the sweets answered that his name was Makkhi (literally, a fly). The boy went back and told his father that Makkhi wants to eat the sweets. The confectioner rebuked his son for waking him up just to tell him that a fly wants to eat the sweet, and told him to let the fly (Makkhi) have whatever it wants to. So, the boy let ‘Makkhi’ eat whatever he wanted to, and thus, the man ate to his full without paying a single penny.