Narrated by: Sat Pal Bhatli, a resident of Noida Sector – 134
Tale passed on to him by: Mother
Language: Punjabi

Once upon a time, there was a lion. He was trapped in a cage by the villagers. One day, the lion came out of the cage accidentally. He wanted to eat everyone in the village. As he threatened everyone to eat if no one comes to him voluntarily, a women stepped out of the crowd and asked him, “but why do you want to eat us, oh mighty lion?” The lion replied, “It is my prerogative and my nature”.  The old woman then said, “You can eat me, but first tell me, where were you earlier?” The lion pointed towards the cage and said, “I was confined to this cage, old woman”. “Impossible!” the old woman exclaimed, “You are so big, mighty lion. But this cage is too small to confine you. I do not believe your words. You are lying.” He said, “No woman, I am not lying. I can prove you that I was inside this cage.” Saying this, the lion went back inside the cage and roared “See! I told you, I am not lying”. Before he could even realise, the old woman bolted the cage and locked the lion inside. The lion remained caged inside for the rest of his life. The moral of this story is with wit and wisdom one can overcome even the mighty and ferocious.