Narrated by: Trisha Jha, a resident of Noida Sector – 119
Tale passed on to her by: Grandmother
Language: Maitihli

There once lived three friends around a pond: one tortoise and a pair of geese. They were all very good friends. Months had passed and there was no sign of rainfall. Ponds and lakes began drying up. The geese could fly away but the tortoise could hardly move. The two loyal friends of the tortoise suggested that they would each hold the end of a stick and the tortoise would hold the stick in his mouth as he would be carried by the geese in the sky. Keeping the talkative nature of tortoise in mind the geese were sceptical that he might open his mouth and fall. Thus, the geese laid a condition that they would only carry him, if he would stay quite. The tortoise promised his friends to keep mum. Convinced, the geese started preparing to take off with tortoise. But as they flew above the town the tortoise saw the villagers pointing at them and making fun of a tortoise being carried on a stick by two geese. The tortoise couldn’t tolerate the gossips of villagers and opened his mouth in rage to reply to them. As soon as he opened his mouth, he fell and died. The moral of this tale is to never ignore an advice given by a good friend.