Narrated by: Srishti Singh, a resident of R.K Puram
Tale passed on to her by: Father
Language: Hindi

Once upon a time there lived a man called Ramlal in a village. One day, he bought a cow. While returning back to his home, a random man on the street exclaimed, “Brother, you have a very nice goat.” Puzzled, Ramlal replied to the man that it was a cow and not a goat. Ramlal proceeded again. At some distance, another man said the same thing to Ramlal, that Ramlal had a nice goat. Ramlal was way too confused to reply to this man and moved further with doubts in his mind. Again the same thing happened. Now Ramlal was seriously confused. Two more people in the way made the same remark. Now Ramlal was scared that the cow was a ghost. In a hurry to get rid of the demonic animal, Ramlal left it fled to his home. As soon as he left the cow, the five men Ramlal met on the way came and took the cow with them. It turned out that all these five men were a gang of robbers and it was their plan loot Ramlal.