Pickurflick indie film festival, anand foundation

Pickurflick Indie Film Festival – PIFF 2017

December 16, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 7:30 pm Asia/Kolkata Timezone
Instituto Cervantes
Hanuman Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Pickurflick Indie Film Festival - PIFF 2017 @ Instituto Cervantes | New Delhi | Delhi | India

Pickurflick Indie Film Festival-PIFF 2017 is India’s first multi-city offline+online indie film festival for independent film makers from around the globe. Their vision is to promote good independent cinema and support the indie film fraternity.


11: 00 am- Finding My Lebanon by Mark Abouzeid (Italy). Documentary|

11:25 am- Shashwat by Rucha Pugar (India). Documentary| English/Hindi/Gujarati

11:55 am- Algeria, Dreams about the Desert by Olga & Andrii Andreiev (Ukraine). Documentary| English

12:05 pm- The Garbage Valley (Climate Change Monster) by Abdul Rashid Bhatt (India). Documentary| English

12:35 pm- Arakkan (The Demon) by Yadhul Bose & Manu Anto Francis (India). Documentary| English/Tamil

12:50 pm- Roadside Scientist by Diganta Dey (India). Documentary| Bengali

1:00 pm- Darjeeling Diaries by Kushal Sinha Roy (India). Documentary| English

1:10 pm- Mohammad and Urvashi by Vivek Agnihotri (India). Short Film| Hindi

1:25 pm-Mahasamparka-The Grand Connection by Santhosh G (India). Short Film| Kannada

1:50 pm- Shahadat by Soumyasree Ghosh (India). Short Film| Bengali

2:00 pm- AnorMal by Luis Galán (Spain). Documentary| Spanish/French

2:15 pm- Agelasta by Sara Gracia Jimenez (Spain). Short Film| Spanish

2:20 pm- Nunca Sueñas Conmigo (Dream a little dream of me) by Massimo Perego Meroni (Spain). Short Film| Spanish

2:35 pm- Veil Done by Juhi Bhatt (India). Documentary| Hindi

3:05 pm- Limit by Javad Daraei (Iran). Short Film| Persian

3:15 pm- I Don’t Like Her by Javad Daraei (Iran). Short Film| Persian

3:35 pm- Dem Dem! by Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia & Christophe Rolin (Senegal). Short Film| Wolof

4:05 pm- Black White by Umesha G M (India). Short Film| Kannada

4:25 pm- The Pursuant by Judhajit Sarkar (India). Short Film| Bengali

4:50 pm- The Subway by Vijay Ayyanar (India). Short Film| Tamil

5:10 pm- The Door by Raja Navith Hussain (India). Short Film| Tamil

5:30 pm- The True Colors by Karthic (India). Short Film| Tamil

5:40 pm- Decloud by Tony Rungsawang (Thailand). Short Film| English/Thai

6:00 pm- My Home, Singapore? by Shrey Bhargava (Singapore). Short Film| English

6:10 pm- Gustav by Ken Williams (Ireland). Short Film| English

6:21 pm- The School Bag by Dheeraj Jindal (India). Short Film| Hindi

6:36 pm- Beggars by Ram Prasad Mandal (India). Short Film| Hindi

6:44 pm- The In Betweens by Rohan Sharma (India). Short Film| Hindi

7:00 pm- Rudra by V Karthik Mohan (India). Short Film| English

7:15 pm- Thanks For Everything by Frank Aron Gardso (Norway). Short Film| Norwegian