Storytelling Session With Anand Sivakumaran

Storytelling Session With Anand Sivakumaran

August 8, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Asia/Kolkata Timezone
Storytelling Session With Anand Sivakumaran

Throw A Word And Hear A Story With This Spontaneous Storytelling Session With Anand Sivakumaran


What’s Happening?

Routine can sometimes get too monotonous and boring, right? We hear you! Make your Saturday evening a bit more fun with Instant Kisse, a spontaneous storytelling session with Anand Sivakumaran happening on August 8 at 5 PM via Zoom. Anand Sivakumaran is an author, screenwriter and podcaster who loves to instantly come up with stories and entertain you. In this interactive session, for every word you throw or prompt him with, he will tell you a story for the same. For example, you say Astrophysics and he will tell you how Vidyut travelled from the Great Wall to an alternate reality without phones or cars, you say Greatest Love of All and he will tell you about Harsh who hoarded plastic bags, until the day the BMC dude came calling. During the session, you can throw word prompts, dialogues, names of people and they would become part of the story – e.g. Isabgol, Trump, Mere Karan Arjun aayenge, are all added to a story about twins fighting over a bag of chips. Excited? We sure are! Join us for a fun session with Anand Sivakumaran where you will hear a story for every word you throw at him.

How’s The Venue?

This is an online entertainment session which will be conducted on Zoom.

Make A Note

Make sure you hit the REGISTER button. Kindly note that this session has limited seats. The LBB team will be sending you the confirmation and ZOOM link via email, so do check your mail and spam once you’ve registered.

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