The Sufi Courtyard Dargahs of Delhi

Discover the history of India scapital city through the fascinating lives and teachings of its Sufi saints TheSufi Courtyard takes you on a journey through the famous and lesser-knowndargahs of Delhi. From the first Sufi centre established in Mehrauli by KhwajaQutub Bakhtiar Kaki during the early days of the Delhi Sultanate to laternineteenth century Sufi retreats in the city, the author explores thespiritual, cultural and historical legacy of he Delhi Sufis, making this bookas much about Delhi as it is about Sufism. For centuries, the dargahs of Delhihave attracted large numbers of devotees belonging to different countries,faiths and backgrounds who seek spiritual solace and grant of their wishes. Themagnetism of dargahs emanates from the personalities of the extraordinary Sufisburied in the premises. Through a simple narrative, Sadia Dehlvi brings to lifethe philosophies and stories of their lives.