Yamuna Biodiversity Park, New Delhi

Yamuna Biodiversity Park, New Delhi
Long Description

The Yamuna Biodiversity Park is presently spread over an area of approximately 457 acres near Wazirabad village on the flat alluvial plains of the Yamuna and can be approached:
(i) from East Delhi through Bhajanpura,
(ii) from South and Central Delhi through ISBT, and
(iii) from North Delhi through Burari. The Biodiversity Park is 15 kms north-east of Connaught Place, and 4 kms north of ISBT.

The park features two major zones - the visitor zone and the nature reserve zone.
It features plants like Ailanthus, Butea and Bauhinia that have a continuous seasonal interest due to their long flower production throughout the season. The outer iron fencing is embraced by multi-coloured climbers like Jasmine and Quisqualis with the same theme of continual luxury.

Phone Number
Jharoda Majra (Near Village Jagatpur)
Wazirabad, Delhi