Jeeshanth, Anand Foundation

Jeeshanth, A Salesperson at Exotic Nursery

Jeeshanth is working at the exotic nursery since last two years. He works as a sales representative at the nursery. He has vast knowledge about indoor plants especially
succulents and bonsais. He sells the products of the nursery to the entire country through e- commerce giant amazon. He happily answered the questions I had and gave me a tour of the nursery as well.

Exotic nursery operates in such a small area but still it offers such wide variety of plants. How is this made possible?
Most of the plants sold here are brought here by our management who has a farmhouse in haryana.

As most of the plants sold here are ornamental plants or indoor plants. What can a terrace gardener expect from this nursery?
Mostly all plants here are meant to be placed either in the balconies or in the terrace. Even the indoor plants need some amount indirect sunlight and are required to be placed outside for sometime. We provide high end exotic plants for the terrace.

Which plants do people prefer and buy the most?
Phycus, Cactus, Rattle Minira,grafted Bonsai are best selling indoor plants.Bink and Rose are bestselling outdoor plants.Overall the hot selling plant at the nursery is the Golden Pothos.

What temperature do these plants require?
The plants are tissue cultured plants and hybrid species. These can quickly adapt into any environment and can thrive in all temperatures. But plants such as rose, marigold, guldavari dry up in summers. Only hardwood plants can survive all the seasons.

What can be the benefits of making a garden at the terrace?
Having plants at your house makes your house eye catchy and more beautiful. Plants can absorb toxins and help to purify the air. Also if you are able to grow vegetable at your terrace you can have a constant supply of fresh vegetables whereas having plants indoors act as natural air-purfiers they are easy to maintain and enhance the mood of your house.

What tips can you give to person starting terrace gardening for the first time?
Buy hardwood plants as they are easy to maintain and then move on to softwood plant. Water your plants daily in the summers. Having a shade net during summers prevents plants dying due to high temperature. Water should not only be given to soil but also water should be sprinkled on the leaves.