The Age of Wrath A History of the Delhi Sultanate

The Delhi Sultanate period(1206–1526) is commonly portrayed as an age of chaos and violence-of rapacious,plundering kings, turbulent dynasties and the aggressive imposition of Islam onIndia. But it was also the era that saw the creation of a pan-Indian empire, onthe foundations of which the Mughals and the British later built their ownIndian empires. The encounter between Islam and Hinduism also transformed,among other things, India’s architecture, literature, music and food. Abraham Eralybrings this fascinating period vividly alive, portraying the many kings – mad,brilliant, astute, cruel -who ruled during this period and discussing thepolitical, social and cultural developments that transformed India. Combiningerudition with powerful storytelling, analysis with anecdote, The Age of Wrathis a superb book.