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Ashutosh Dixit, a reader of Indian epics

Mr. Ashutosh Dixit is a reader of Indian ancient books. 55 years old Mr. Ashutosh Dixit belongs to Lucknow. He has knowledge of some ancient and rare books of India. He has read Bhragu Sanhita, Jamini Sutra, Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas etc.

In most of the epics we have seen some extraordinary things and supernatural powers. Do you believe in Supernaturalism?

No, the supernatural is only natural. Lord Shiva is said to be the original form of energy and Lord Brahma is called the creator of Universe according to Hinduism. Everything is made of 5 elements i.e air, earth, water, fire, and ether when these elements form a balance together on a particular ratio that is the point where spirituality or higher existence is made hence for me these five elements constitutes God which is said to be supernatural but is only natural.

According to you How did human originate on earth?

When the five elements combined together in a particular time with a particular ratio then a living thing was generated. It also needed a particular atmosphere with a particular season. There is one creature on earth At the male peacock dances spreading its feathers those pea hen gets attached to male peacock. Toward that occasion when sorrowful come in the eyes of the male peacock, those female picks them up, because of that it gets pregnant Furthermore conveys new ones. Thereabouts there may be no physical sex done Peacocks to propagation cost. During the dancing, a liquid is generated acquired by female and later become an egg. Accordingly, the peacock will be immaculate throughout those 5000 quite a while show. Shri Krishna will be that 1st purest souk for the earth that is the reason peacock quill will be kept done Krishna’s Crown.

What is science and how much you believe in its principles?

I do not believe in modern science, they only take a limited view of the world and hence often ignore what one technology or the other might be destroying in nature, for me science with conformism is destructive. Science is nothing but gossip. Science cannot make a single living thing. Science can make bone but cannot make human. Even it cannot make an egg. Science is not natural and which is not natural that can be said a gossip.

Did Mahabharata and Ramayana actually exist on earth?

100% Yes they did, Both of them is true and they denote the change of a yuga. Ramayana happened in satyuga and Mahabharata happened in dwapar yuga. They show devolution of human beings till kalyuga. Evidence have been searched. If we look at Ajanta Alora caves there are many paintings or Bhitti Chitra and designs which indicate towards the story of these epics. Besides this Indonesia, Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Persia. A Ganesha statue has been found in an excavation in Persia. The evidence of these events have been destroyed by first Khalifa or Mughals.

Would you like to share some interesting facts about Ramayana history?

Most of the people are not aware of the history of Luv Kush. Luv and Kush were the descendants of Rama. Luv had gone towards Russia. The culture started in his name known as Slaav culture. Luv was the originator of slaav society and culture. Kush had gone towards China. He has found kushana dynasty. Russians are inhabitants of Rama. Russian believe in Kundli yoga. If you have seen old Russian belly mudras of dancing you will find it contains many of Indian dancing mudras such as Manipuri, Kacchipuri, Bharatnatyam. It is the combination or mixture of these three dancing traditions. These are the signs of spreading Vedic culture which was probably stand by Luv. Who was the first communist? The first communist was Rama. He collected many small groups in a single culture. This culture was called Raksha Sanskriti. They were not Danava. You can find this in a beautiful creation of Acharya Chatrusen, Vayama Rakshama, a great and different perspective of Ramayana.

There are many varieties could be seen today in Ramayana. Which Ramayana do you believe in?

I believe in Valmiki Ramayana because Tulsidas Ramayana was named as Ramcharitmanas which mean that it was pre-occupied with the character of Rama only but the Valmiki Ramayana gives us an equal view of all the other characters and might be more realistic in nature. Valmiki wrote Ramayana, complete description of Raghukul dynasty from old ancestors to Luv and Kush.

Could animals communicate with humans ?

Yes, they could, but they did not use language. They knew how to talk with sensation and I believe in the existence of half animal’s half humans which became non-existent later on.

Do you believe in the story Pushpak viman and what would you say about ancient technology?

Yes, I think Pushpak Vimana exist just like drones exist today, it existed and run on the element of fire with a combination of air. Another thing is sound and energy. Energy is never destroyed.

If I want to know deeply about the existence of these epics what should I do for my research?

If you want to know more about the existence of these great epics you will have to go out and beyond from sound barrier of the earth. Their energy exists in its original form. So you can listen to the dialogues that have been spoken by Lord Krishna. He could control and stop the speed of time. Gita’s discourse lasted 51 days. Mahabharata war happened for 18 days. Gita’s was completed in 51 days. Gita was preached even before the beginning of Mahabharata war. But it has not mentioned anywhere. We do not find this anywhere. Because Lord Krishna stopped the time for 51 days.

Old people more connected with nature. Is this the reason they were advanced than, present human?

Yes, they were only connected with nature and hence were more advanced. They knew the perfect time period of conception. They knew that in which time delivery could be right. They devided the time periods for different purposes. Time provided all the facilities. They had all knowledge about nature.

According to you who was the early man of India?

We cannot really say who were the ancestors of India perhaps the answer lies in Satyuga which is almost 20 thousands years old. It is difficult to answer it. There are no complete evidence of Indian ancestors and also we do not have any written record left.