Bhola, Anand Foundation

Bhola, Gardener and Salesperson at Masjid Nursery

Mr. Bhola has an experience of over 32 years and is working in Masjid Nursery since last 28 years. He works as gardener and all plants at the nursery are maintained with his guidance. He is the most experienced gardener at the nursery and was kind enough to spare a few minutes of his busy schedule to take me for tour around the nursery and also answered a few questions regarding terrace gardening.

Being working here for 32 years can you tell us what makes Masjid Nursery unique?
Masjid nursery offers a wide variety of plants. Masjid nursery is the best nursery in delhi. The plants grown is supplied to delhi’s major hotels such as the lalit.

There is sharp difference of prices between your nursery and government nurseries. Why is that?
Government nurseries don’t use hybrid such as the seeds we use. They work on tender and are helped by the government. The quality of plant you buy from here is superior.

Does all the plants found here are grown in this nursery?
No these plants are grown in the outskirts of delhi in farm which the nursery. Plants are transported here every week.

What plants does masjid nursery offer to terrace gardener?
My nursery offers a very wide of perennial plant and also seasonal plants. We also offer handmade tools such khurpi, water jar and also vegetable plant seeds.

What should a person start with to make a terrace garden?
Terrace gardening is very easy if the person take up right plants for the terrace. Taking plants which are seasonal makes the task very difficult whereas perennial plants such as palm, roses, succulent species requires minimal maintenance. Masjid nursery offers all the plants which can be perfect for a terrace gardener.

Which plants are preferable?
Money plant,Jami palm, gulab, Anar, Motia Tipoma, Galor Dina, Dinka, Korhia China Doll are plants which I recommend.

What all precautions should be taken to maintain perennial plants? Are Perennial plants self sustaining plants?
Perennial plants are easy to maintain. They need less water and more of natural light. Providing large pots with loose and well fertilised soil is the key. It should be made sure that water doesn’t collect on the soil as it can rot the roots of plants thus the pots used to keep the pots should drain excess of water. Also providing protection from animals such as monkeys who break small branches of plants and eat away leafs is important.

What can be the cost of setting up terrace garden if all the supplies are taken from your nursery?
It depends up the number of pots you wish to buy. On an average 20-30 pots would cost you 50-60 thousand .