Mahua Mukherjee

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NAME- Mahua  Mukherjee
  Date of birth- 9thof  November 19
 Contact Details-76/2, B.T Road,P.O-Baranagar,
  Flat-A,24 parganas,Pin-7000090.
  State-West  Bengal,Country-India.
  Tel no: (033)-25310985.mobail:09332279922

Born and brought up in an atmoshphere reveling in music and rhythm, Mahua mukherjee inherits the art of singing from hermother.Under the tutulage of the renowned artist Sri Shantanu Bhattachariyya and Ustad javed nizzammudin khan.The Indian Classical( khyal and thumri ) were innately developed in Mahua,It is no wonder therefore that while successfullycrossing the academic milestone one after other,being an post Graduate (1st class)Mahua Mukherjee  has been winning  the youth festivel at hyd(1999),behalf of Rabindra bharati University. By now Mahua has already  performed all over India viz  DELHI (sri Aurobindo Ashram,Neheru children musium),HYDERABAD(suromandal, Faisal baba darbar,  Nizam  pelace, iskcon), NAINATAL(shri Aurobindo Ashram, nainital town) and ALAHABAD,JAIPUR MAHARAJA PALACE, KOLKATA.She has also received  the scholarship  from Sri Aurobindo ashram,BONGIO SANSKRITI PARISHAD (hyd),GHANTASHALA GANA SABHA(hyd),
Attached  with swaranjali from 2003.                                            
Mahua performed in various prestigious programmes including “Bharotio Nadonik Parishod” which is state governmentorganizetion.Most notably, she is a regular performer  of ALL INDIA RADIO.She got “sangeet pravakar” and “sangeetvisharad” award from prachin kala Kendra.
Recently Mahua sing classical and light classical music for a
 Mahua  Mukherjee  is a dedicated young vocalist commited to the art of  Indian ClassicalMusic.

Phone Number
76/2 B.T ROAD.KOLKATA-700090
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