Gaurav Chaudhary, Wrestler, Guru Hanuman Akhada, Anand Foundation

Gaurav Chaudhary, Wrestler, Guru Hanuman Akhada

In conversation with Gaurav Chaudhary, a wrestler at Guru Hanuman Akhada, Delhi

Q- Why have you chosen this field as your profession?

I was very interested in kushti since my childhood. My dream was to become a professional wrestler. From my school onwards, I took part in many wrestling tournaments and even in Kabbadi which is a sport similar like wrestling.

Q- From how many years you were here? What is your experience in this akhada?

I came 8 years ago here when I was in school. This akhada played a vital role in my transformation. When I came here I even do not know about wrestling and now I participated in many national and international championship. This is due to the prominent teachings of our coach which made me a wrestler.

Q- There is a big mark on your face, what is that?

I had this injury during a practice. It took me several months to recover from this injury. I took rest for 18 months and then again recovered myself from this injury.

Q- What is your educational background?

I have cleared my 12th in 2009. I have filled my form for graduation, but it’s very hard to maintain these both things at a single period. We are very tired after our practice so we are not able to do other things in our routine.
We have to do our own work like food, washing clothes and even, we have to bath 3-4 times a day, which make us very tired.

Q- What are your achievements in this field?


Q- What are your plans for the upcoming tournaments?

I am preparing for the upcoming SENIOR NATIONAL WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP of 2016 which is going to take place in Gonda district of U.P.

Q- Does your family support you? What kind of family background do you have?

Yes, my father fully supports me. When he came to know that I wanted to join an akhada he sent me to Delhi for wrestling training. My father is a farmer. I am the only person in my family who came to join any akhada.

Q- So how do you manage your financial needs?

My father used to send me money. Some money prizes also help me to get over my financial needs. I won several prize money for dangal also.

Q- Have you seen your mates having great achievements in this akhada?

Yes, there are a lot of my mates who are having great achievements in this field like NASIR KHAN who got a bronze medal in Junior National Championship which took place in Iran. It is very difficult for a Muslim wrestler to achieve this kind of award. So I am very proud of him as his akhada mate.
VIRENDER SINGH YADAV who won a gold medal in the handicap wrestling championship on 10 may 2016 is also a great achievement of our akhada.

Q- What you wanted to do in this field?

I wanted to win several medals for our country as well as for my akhada. Our coach played vital role in our establishment so I wanted to make him proud. For every wrestler the first priority is to win medals for our country.