About Us and the Internship program

 Anand Foundation is  focused  on mapping the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Delhi through engagement of schools and college students. The larger goal being – inculcating the appreciation of diversity in young minds through culture.

Internships at Anand Foundation

Short term internships are offered to students/visiting scholars from College and University’s to engage and explore any one aspect of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the NCR .

We offer students  a platform to engage  with art and artists in Delhi, knowing, exploring, researching and appreciating various cultural art forms prevalent in Delhi.

Our internship is divided into 6 themes:

1) Natural Heritage includes biodiversity including flora and fauna, national parks.

2) Performing and Visual Arts

  • Performing Arts includes dance, music, opera, theatre, musical theatre, magic, illusion, mime, puppetry, circus,
  • Visual/Fine Arts includes ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, design, photography, film making, architecture

3) Communities : includes customs, traditions, language, food etc.

4) Linguistic Heritage : includes Indian and non-Indian Languages .

5) Traditional and Contemporary practitioners of arts and craft : includes jewellery making, wood carving, shoe making, book binding, weaving, inlaying, natural dyeing.

The project work will be published on the Anand Foundation website where the data is being collated for free dissemination both as a Directory as well as resource on the Living Arts of Cultural Heritage of Delhi. Through the research, collation, publication and free dissemination of the information about the living Artists of Delhi, we hope to achieve the following goals.

1.    Creating sensitivity and awareness of the living culture of the city among students.

2.    Establishing a free database on the living Artists for anyone seeking the information.

3.    Creating opportunities for livelihood for Traditional Artists & craftsmen.

We are looking for students who are willing to engage in the field of living intangible culture in Delhi based on any of the 5 themes/sub-themes mentioned above.

Interns are selected on pre-submission of their proposed project summary/concept notes in about 150 words followed by an interview. Interested students may select any one art form or cultural tradition and its practicing exponents in Delhi and the NCR region. The project must focus on their chosen theme and deal in the areas like-living exponents/ institutions/ scholarships/ materials/ livelihoods, and must add to the database of the living exponents/ institutions. Preferably it should spotlight any one eminent personality associated with their chosen art form.

6 weeks

On successful completion:
1. Graduate Students – 7000

2. Post Graduate/Phd Students – 10000

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