Sunita Khanna

Interview with Mrs Sunita Khanna: Cinemas In Delhi

Mrs. Sunita Khanna

  1. Q. From where your family is?

We came from Pakistan during partition. I was 7 year old that time.

  1. Q. What was your experience of watching movies in Single Screen halls in your growing up years?

We lived in a joint family after we came from Pakistan. My parents used to watch all kind of movies, but we as children were allowed to watch only certain kind of movies like movies based on mythology. We used to watch movies mostly in cinema halls like Delite, Golcha, Ritz. These halls were earliest to our residence.

  1. Q. Was there any kind of social taboos or restriction regarding watching cinema for a girl in your family?

No, I was born in a family, which did not put us behind the doors of home. These kind of taboos were there, but I did not faced any of these. We used to go for movies both with our parents and grandparents. My grandfather was very fond of movies. He would buy tickets for the whole family, as we are living in a joint family.

  1. Q. what time of the day, you and your family generally prefer to go for a movie?

Generally, we used to go after lunch around 3 pm. That was the best time for the movie. Because, as we know Morning show was not convinent due to household work and school. Evening shows were not also comfortable because family used to sleep early. Due to security reasons, we were not allowed to go for evening show. That’s why, matinee show time was best.

  1. Q. In Which language movie was mostly preferred by your family? Because as we know there was some restriction regarding watching English movies in our society, mainly due to intimate scenes.

My grandfather would watch movies only in Hindi. But I would used to see English movies, with my father as well. We liked movies in both languages. Any movie which is good, we watched it. When Oscar movies released in winters, we generally went to see them. Also, we used to prefer movies of Punjabi language, as we understand that language. Movies revolve around Sikh or Muslim culture, we enjoyed them all.


  1. Q. Did you continue to watch movies in Single Screen halls, even after the coming of T.V. and video cassettes?

Not only that, even today as well, we shall prefer to watch movies in hall. The experience of watching movie in hall is special.


  1. Q. For you, which halls are better, Single Screen or multiplex halls?

I prefer multiplex over Single Screen. Because we can also go for shopping and eat out, till the time show will start.