Prof Vibhas Verma

Interview with Prof Vibhas Verma on Cinemas

Interview with Prof Vibhas Verma on Cinemas


( He is an Prof. of Hindi in the Hindi Department of Deshbandhu College, Delhi University)

  1. Q. Why did not Multiplexes open in Old Delhi area?

One reason is the constraint of size. You need a large area to build Multiplexes and in old Delhi lack of space is major problem. Also Multiplexes are built for the kind of audience, who has their own transport. For that parking area is a need. So, such scene was not possible in old Delhi.

  1. The architecture of the Single Screen was different and grand, which made it much more attractive. What you think regarding Multiplex halls?

Not all Single Screen halls had different or grand architecture. It was only the famous halls, which had attractive appearance. However, architecture made this halls attractive and memorable for people, which is missing in the multiplex halls.

  1. Q. Do you think people could have a sense of attachment to multiplex halls, which was there in case of Single Screen halls?

I don’t think so. Because there was no strong reason for that kind of attachement. Even in the appearance Multiplexes are almost similar. People knew that if one multiplex will close down than another will came up. So, it is not going to impact them emotionally. Because, being multiplex does not give it a sense of individual identity.

  1. Do you think demographic profile of an area, is deciding factor in what kind of movies would be played?

The demographic profile still matters to an extent. For ex., regional movies such as Punjabi even today releases not in all halls of Delhi, but only in some limited areas, where their possibility of getting hit is higher. Another example is of areas like East Delhi and Old Delhi, where larger portion of population is Bihari labour, as a result Bhojpuri movies dominate here.

  1. Q. what do you think regarding the future of Multiplexes?

Till the time, this outing experience is attached with movie watching, cinema halls will grow.