Pre-requisites to Birdwatching

You might have come across people, staring blankly in the open sky, atop buildings and trees, wondering what is there to see?!
Bird watching or birding, as a hobby, has gained and found interest in young and old alike, around the world. Bird watching is venturing out and exploring different species of birds, which is both a worthwhile experience and relaxing in itself, something that is agreed to, by many.
Bird watching is a simple hobby, which requires bit of your time apart from some supplements, which come handy in the process.

Where to find birds?
The best place is, garden in your vicinity or atop trees, buildings.

Best time?
Morning and evening are the best times, for bird watchers. The reason being simple, it’s the time birds go out in search of foods and similarly return back in the evenings. Dropping by, like an unwanted guest!

Now, finally what things do you need for birds watching? So here is your answers,
Firstly you must have a pair of binoculars, top picks being Atlas, Zen-Ray, or any other of your choice, which better ergonomics and magnification, which suits your style and comfort in birding, preferably.
Secondly, you can start off with a help guide, to help you start with adventure.
Thirdly, camera is the best companion to a bird watcher, apart from binoculars, to capture the beautiful memories and carry it back with you. Apart from that, a little tip from my side, you can use it to create your own personal list of birds and research some more to build up a compilation on the birds you see.
Fourthly most important please ask your friend who must be a bird watcher if not then find out society of bird watching. This is easy for you to go with your friends or member of the society.
Lastly, respect the birds. A beautiful creation of nature that birds are, dotting the open skies with their flights, drowning in its vastness. Bird watching ethics and etiquette, are the foremost thing that one must keep in mind:
Don’t stress the birds, with constant disturbance.
Prevent cutting of trees, which are their natural habitat, apart from attracting people, on sightings of rare birds, as it risks their habitat destruction.

What makes Delhi a heaven for birds?
Reasons and Birds Flocking Here
Winter sure is special time for birdwatchers and general people alike! Avian populations in large numbers to the delight of our eyes.

Abundant food and safe nesting sites are the precursor to the coming of birds. Birds from faraway places like Siberia and other parts of the world, in the winter period, where the freezing temperature make survival impossible.
Diverse ecological niches in Delhi not only attract a wide range of animals’ species but also enable them to build viable populations. The wetlands and forest area in and around attract thousands for migratory ducks from Siberia, Central Asia, Europe and China in winters besides many resident and native birds.
The primary reason of high populations of resident and migratory birds is the availability of phyto and zooplankton, and other aquatic vegetation attract large range of birds and other fauna.
16 migratory water birds species like Ferruginous Pochard, Common Pochard, Northern Shoveler and Northern Pintail visit Delhi every year.
Delhi is the only known wintering home for Red Crested Pochard, a spectacular bird with a red head and orange beak. It comes from Siberia and Central Asia and stays for a period of 4 long months.
Some other water species includes Spot billed Duck, Grey, Purple Herons, Oriental Darter, Little Cormorants and Indian Cormorants.
Munias, Prinias, Francolin, parrot (tota), peacock kite , dove and ducks are also found in abundance in India.