Delhi A Thousand years of building by Lucy Peck


Delhi A Thousand Years of Building by Lucy Peck Delhi’s glorious history comes alive through Lucy Peck’s text which provides insights into Delhi’s built heritage and weaves in interesting anecdotes from the city’s past. Form Early Sultanate Delhi to New Delhi today, the author traces the architectural influences of each period of the city’s past and brings to attention even the lesser known ruins found scattered throughout Delhi. This accessible guide to Delhi’s rich architectural heritage includes photographs, line drawings and maps of the all areas covered. Aimed at both local inhabitants as well as the interested visitor the book includes over 600 structures and walking routes for each area covered.Lucy Peck was educated in the UK and is a qualified architect with a degree in Town Planning. She has lived in India for almost ten years, mostly in Delhi, but has travelled extensively in many other parts of the country. She is very interested in urbanism and conservation, and has helped with INTACH interpretation projects such as the Lodhi gardens pamphlets. She lives in Nizamuddin East and enjoys exploring Delhi, both alone and with friends.


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