Delhi Unknown Tales of a city


Ronald Vivian Smithis an author of personal experiences – a rare breed to find in a time when evenjournalists hesitate to put pen to paper without scanning through the internet.A definitive voice when it comes to some known and unknown tales and aninspiration to a new generation of city-scribes, Smith is a master-chroniclerof Delhi’s myriad realities.

Among the capital’s most ardent lovers, Smithbelieves in the power of observation and interaction. His travels across Delhi,most often in a DTC bus, examine the big and small curiosities – seamlesslyjuxtaposing the past with the present. Be it the pride he encounters in thehutments of one of Chandni Chowk’s age-old beggar families, or his amblingwalks around Delhi’s now-dilapidated cemeteries, Smith paints with his words acity full of magic and history. This anthology features short essays on theIndian sultanate, its fall after the British Raj, and its resurrection tobecome what it is today – the National Capital Territory of Delhi.


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