Korma, Kheer andKismet: Five Seasons In Old Delhi is a record of the food experiences offeredin the streets of Old Delhi. Pamela Timms came down all the way from Scotlandto enjoy the tastes and flavours of Indian food, which she found it in thestreet food stalls.

Pamela Timms decided to get away from the dampness of Scotlandand enjoy the sun and heat in India. She came to Delhi and her mission was notjust to enjoy the tropical climate but also to discover the heady flavours ofIndian foods.

Initially, Pamela Timms found it difficult to sample the genuinetaste of Indian food. She then decided that Old Delhi was probably the bestplace to find it. She began exploring the side streets and by lanes of OldDelhi and discovered the wonderful street food stalls, offering a mind bogglingvariety of foods.

She soon discovered the taste of korma, kheer and jalebis andbegan exploring even deeper into the heart of the old city. She made friendsand was invited into the homes of the people who prepared the delicious foodssold in the food stalls

Celebrating festivals with them and enjoying the delicioussweets and spicy foods, she soon began collecting recipes for many of thewonderful dishes sold in the streets. She is now a part of the community whosefood traditions she set out to discover.