Trees Incredible


All life is sustained by the ecosystem – trees, shrubs,herbs, micro flora and fauna. This eco-system is very fragile and takesmillennia to evolve. Easy to destroy, the system is being constantlydestroyed/degraded. A tree provides vital life-sustaining services such asoxygenating air while mopping greenhouse gases/pollution, harvestingrain/snow/hail and sustaining water sources, providing food security, airconditioning and many more.

Trees Incredible – Life Sustaining Lives is a comprehensiveunderstanding of trees. Taking a holistic view, this book discusses thenecessary linkages and interactions between natural elements andvegetation/trees in a harmonious life sustaining environment. A candidintrospection and retrospection reveals that we have violated Article 48A andArticle 51A (g) of the Indian Constitution by failing to protect our naturalenvironment including trees, forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife … by failingto recognise the intrinsic dependence of peoples’ wellness and growth on Natureand jeopardised citizen’s ‘fundamental rights to life’, ‘clean air, water andhealth’ guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.


The book shows that it is time the people wake up to savewhat providence has so bountifully given them in this land of ours – a peoples’movement is needed to make a coordinated effort to ensure clean air, water,food security, and healthy environment for all. J


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