S.B. Ota, Joint Director General, Archaeological Survey of India

Existence of Mythological Stories: S.B. Ota, Joint Director General, Archaeological Survey of India

Do Archaeologists believe in Ramayana or Mahabharata Existence?

We believe on Archaeological Evidences. The visual evidence of the ancient time we get from archaeological sites.

Are these just mythical stories?

When a writer writes a book, it also takes some inspiration from reality. In today’s time, such books are written on superheroes when these books will be found in an excavation in the future people will begin to understand them as real but you will not accept the same superheroes as real in the future.

The Places which we hear in these epics are still in the world. What would you say about this?

When a person writes a story he can also place some real places in his story. Just like Twilight Saga, in which author has mentioned Washington. That’s real. But the story is completely imaginary. The real story that has substantially modified with time by ancestors of our ancestors.

Have you dig into all those places which are mentioned in epics?

We did not get any remains of any sites mentioned in Literatures. These are like stories that based on Imagination. We have excavated all sites and didn’t get any proof. The Senior retired archaeologist Dr. B.B. Lal have explored and excavated all the sites mentioned in the literature. But did not get any pieces of evidence of the existence of such events.

The special characters which are specified in epics like Hanuman and Jambhavantha. What would you say about it?

These are all just mythical characters. It could not be possible that animals speak like human and all are events shown in Ramayana like When Hanuman has eaten the sun and he takes the entire mountain it seems incredible to think of all this. This is completely impossible from a science point of view.

Were old people were more advanced than today’s man in during Vedic age?

No, I don’t think. According to me, it is impossible. We have not found credible proofs. The evidence that has been found does not fully prove these stories and its characters existence. We only hear about it only through the literature. No written records have been found or any inscriptions on the wall of the places and temples which proved that this these epics had existed in human history.

How much is it possible that the characters which are shown in epic were a different kind of human species like Homo erectus and Neanderthals ?

It could not be possible modern human coexisted with another kind of human species that looked like apes. They could be apes like gorilla or monkey as today but not human species. They existed millions of years ago and Mahabharata and Ramayana dated around 5-11 century BC. There is a long space of time.

Have we not found any fossil in India yet?

If we talk about an ancient Indian human then we have got only one fossil skeletal from Narmada Valley, is called Narmada man. Besides this, we have not found more remains. So we do not have sufficient evidence. That is why exactly we can not say what kind of species lived in India because we did not get more evidence after the excavation.

We have heard much news about finding Ramsethu.

Many research has been done on it. It was a coral reef in the ocean which was seen in the ocean by satellite. These are mythical stories.