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Paper Artist, Sanjeev Kumar Chouhan from Delhi

Sanjeev Kumar Chouhan, the paper artist knows the art of amusing children and even adults with his colourful paper toys in fascinating shapes and sizes.

Mouse, Tortoise, giraffe, squirrel, butterfly…. they are all together in 29-year-old Sanjeev Kumar Chouhan’s unassuming box. Sanjeev possesses an inborn talent for giving beautiful shapes to paper. “My mother wanted me to study, but it was only craft that I could pick up,”Sanjeev says. From the early age of 11, he had great fascination for paper toys, and he chose to make his hobby a livelihood. He has been experimenting with paper toys and has been amusing kids and adults alike with his quirky creations.

Besides paper toys he has also been making innovative and informative paper and card games and lovely flowers. He prices his products between Rs.5/- and 400/-. His creativity helps him earn a neat packet every month bringing a smile to children’s faces without burning a hole in their parents’ pocket. Sanjeev has conducted successful exhibitons at Pragati Maidan and Dilli Haat. His paper toys can be folded easily and are handy. Besides, they hold great fascination for the kids.

He has also been teaching a large number of teachers and students at the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training. He has made a number of games for children at the National Bal Bhavan, Whose magazine Akkad Bakkad has featured his paper games.

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So far Sanjeev has made about 100 paper toys and is eagerly looking forward to crafting a few animals on the verge of extinction. He plans to put his paper models in glass boxes, which could add value to his craft, Some of them are stationary, others move their neck and tail to the great amusement of kids.

Contact details:

WZ-86A, C-10 Near Ration Office
Raj Nagar – II, Palam Colony,
New Delhi – 110045

Tel: 011-25362977, 25360104