Nimisha Shukla, a Dance teacher

Mahabharata & Ramayana in Indian History: Nimisha Shukla, a Dance teacher

Dance Teacher and reader of Literature Nimisha is a dancer specialized in Bharatnatyam. She read some literature while finding of history of dance and Bharatnatyam.

Do you believe in Miraculous things?

I do not believe in unnatural things. I think everything that exists is only natural. Maybe the concepts of supernatural exist because people needed a reason to believe in something they could not understand or comprehend. Hence I do not believe in supernatural powers, every power I think is only natural.

What % do you believe in science ?

I believe in science 99%, rest even science can be wrong or cannot comprehend many things. But the things that it studies and the reason it gives are backed by research and I believe for those reasons. Everything can be comprehended or researched with the help of science.

Did Mahabharata and Ramayana exist or is it purely fictional in nature?

I think it is purely fictional and exist as an epic literature. A variety of brilliant literary techniques is used to form characters and the story. However, story does depict realities of human life but I do not think it existed the way it is said to have existed.

In which Ramayana you believe? There are many types of Ramayana?

I believe that The variety of Ramayana that exists are authors different ways of depicting the story much like any other art form, again it gives the indication that it is only a piece of art work.

What can be the meaning of what the animal characters have shown in the epics?

The human beings existed with other creatures some of which were known to be half human and half animals but due to the survival of the fittest only human beings existed. These creatures and humans could communicate with each other easily.

Did Pushpak Vimana exist in real in past time?

I think Pushpak Vimana etc. existed in the form that animals and birds were trained to take humans from one place to other and that was the settlement of ancient human beings. Also Bird are very clever. We have seen in many books and stories. Birds were the medium of sending letters to far living relatives and friends.

How can be past human more advanced than present human?

Yes, I think old people were connected with nature and could be with nature in a much better way than us. Their sixth sense was also more developed than ours and they were much more empathetic humans than what we are.

Who were the Ancestors of India?

I think Indus Valley civilization was the ancestry of India

What you exactly thing about this literature?

Ramayana and Mahabharata are epic literature written in ancient India. They were written in rasas and indicated the literature comprised of veer and raudra ras. A piece of literature indicates author’s personal state of mind and imagination. Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas was exiled from his home by his wife and it is assumed hence he abandons the character of Sita in Ramayana. This epic literature was then captured by a feudalistic system of kingdom and kingship were propagated to make a religion and perceive as reality so that people could be easily ruled through this literature. The literature, according to me, does not hold any reality or real incidents.