Shubham Saxena, Physics student, Anand Foundation

Shubham Saxena, Physics student

I am a student of Physics pursuing Masters of Science from Delhi University. I believe in science.

How did you know Ramayana and Mahabharata?

I only know Ramayana and Mahabharata through stories and television, I have not read them personally hence I cannot give an answer to it. But as far as I know, perhaps we don’t know the actuality of these epics as they are tied up with religion more than knowledge. If I talk about Mahabharata we are not taught about Mahabharata’s part where Krishna has said he is not a God, maybe God exists or not but the representation is not right. Representation always not right 100%.

Do you believe in the existence of these epics at a time of human history?

If I agree to the existence of it, we can say something happened, there might have been modifications to what really happened. The other question is if there was a god or science of that time, or it didn’t exist. Then all three can be possible. Many times we hear some evidence have been found. Ramsethu has been discovered. If I say about Mahabharata people said that the soil is still red of war place. I cannot exactly say but something must have happened. When there is a normal accident then when the story goes ahead then many changes are made already. Might be we do not know 100% about these epics.

You are a student of science but how much you Believe in science personally?

For me science is everything. A chronological study of anything is science hence I believe in science and it is everything.

According to you what were those characters? God’s special powers or super heroes?

These were the possibility of all three points. We use only 1% of our brain. Due to this, we cannot understand that thing. Such kind of thing could exist hence which we cannot understand. If we talk about super heroes then there are evidence that aliens came on earth. Communication was not started. Export and import were not there. There is a kind of sculpture found in various different places on earth through excavation. How can one type of sculpture be found at both places? That means both people of both places have seen that same thing. In which all human like the thing is shown pointing towards one thing. The fire comes out someone’s hand. Water comes out someone’s hand etc. They linked the elemental elements to that thing or they had some magical powers. And they had added that thing to God.

Are there any scientific theories which indicate toward possibilities of such

I believe in Master Einstein’s theory. According to it the thing which is not occupied mass inside that can go back in time or forth even in time. Just like our body if we do not have a body then we can move in space in past or in future. For us space is dimensional and time is Constant which is moving in a forward direction and always will be. We cannot go backward in past. If we do not have a body then we will get out of gravity.

How can we say the story is not so modified? The technology and science were extraordinary ?

I really can’t say how much modification has been done by writers. But at that time science was very developed. May be those people were controlled on their DNA. Those people could change their appearance. At that time Animals communicated without speaking.

It seems like you strongly believe on alien’s existence.

I believe on Aliens. They exist today and in past time. During 2nd world war, an alien spaceship was crashed. The public is shown just as much as what is beneficial for them. If it is proved that it is no God then the fear of the people will end. Right wrong, sin virtue, heaven, and the hell. People strongly believe in these Concepts which are totally based on religion and part of the epics. Especially in India, there are many things that are still hidden. How a transformer has been changed into a small device then into a small chip. How this change happened suddenly.

Do you believe in evolution theory? How much you believe this theory into the physics perspectives?

There is some theory of science which says we are living in the past. All of this has happened. It is not present today. It’s past. However, this human structure is changing within the time. A time will come When our brain size will grow and become larger. The face will become large and will become small like bubbles and will start looking like aliens. Some scientist believes this is the past and alien come from present to change the past. NASA hide many secrets. Some scientists and retired scientist of NASA say research is done here with the aliens. There is also a parallel universe. Throughout recent study, this result has been out and proved.

Were Ancient humans more developed?

Yes I think they were more developed, we have Vedas, Upanishads etc. and we don’t know how these came into existence but these scriptures understand nature deeply, it is said that Einstein understood 1% nature but these scriptures have a deep understanding so we can say that Ancient humans were more advanced. The powers of Hanuman and other species can be the result of genetically change.

What would say about it?

May be it was genetically self-generated. But nature creates everything in a cycle
and never break it just like a life cycle. Every creature is dependent on other

What would you say an about that event when Hanuman ate the sun. What can
be the cause behind such event scientifically?

A normal man can thing with his limited knowledge. For example, if a normal person is trying to search for gravitational waves who has no knowledge of physics it will take min 10000 years to find the result. May be that could be an event when the black hole was passed through the sun. And black hole has the capacity to take entire light and surrounding things. There are possibilities that a black hole passed through the sun and didn’t allow to pass the light and there was darkness spreading all around. And people feel Hanuman had eaten the sun. Cause Normal people cannot imagine and think all this.

Is it important to connect all the knowledge together?

Yes, it is very important to connect knowledge and discover everything. I only think that people who are connecting their knowledge must be experts on their subjects to get to the right conclusion.