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Prem Nath Akhada


The word ‘akhada’ according to one historical version is originated from Sanskrit word ‘akhanda’. Its usage started from the need to maintain continuous vigil against the adversaries by the group outfit of armed sadhus and sants especially established to protect their own faith and traditions. Small section of the akhada is called ANI or KHALSA.
Kushti, the traditional mud wrestling of India is the ancient sport in India and the oldest in the world. As per Indian epics Mahabharata has the great wrestlers included Bhima, Jarasandha, Duryodhan and Karna Ramayana also mentions Hanuman as one of the greatest wrestlers of that time. India had still some great wrestlers ,In 1962 Asian games seven wrestlers from India were placed for medal list and they won 12 medals in freestyle wrestling, Indian wrestling titles are the “Rustam of India”, “Rustam -i -Hind, ‘Bharat kesari”, “Hind Kesari”. In the recent Olympic 2012 Indian wrestlers have won the silver & bronze medal for the country. This will help the Indian wrestling to gain its prestige again in the sports.


GURU PREM NATH was a legendary wrestler of India. Born in India on 1st July 1955. He was a student of Delhi University and a disciple of guru Hanuman ji.
This akhada is also known as Sonkar wrestling club, as the community around the akhada is known by that name. The community donates and helps in maintaining it. The wrestlers here compete in all sort of wrestling competitions, national and international matches.
The akhada is clean and well maintained. It is building with a dirt wrestling pit on the ground floor as well as several rooms on the ground floor for the wrestlers live here.
This is very prominent akhada in the Gur Mandir Marg. There are 48 students train here. They start practice at 4 in the morning. There are wrestlers of every age group 10-15, 15-20 also. A wrestler named DIVYA was selected in world championship of 2016 which was going to be held in china. Another girl SIMMO also get selected in the world championship. This akhada have 20 girls who got there training here. This akhada play a very important in promoting women wrestling in Delhi. All students of senior group won around 4 national championship. This akhada have a mat based wrestling. Wrestlers here also took part in the dangals which is a mud based wrestling took place in villages. Vikram coach train wrestlers here he is international coach, he won gold medal in the ALL INDIA WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP, he is a SHAHI coach, he also attend several Indian camp. He joined this akhada 5 years ago after the death of RAJ SINGH who was a ASP in Delhi police he was a ARJUNA AWARDEE and won RASHTRIYA PURUSKAR. Another coach SANGEET JI is a superintendent chief in railway, he got this job after winning a gold medal in ALL INIDIA WRESTLING. They came here to train these wrestlers. This akhada has both type of pattern-mud based and mat based. Students came here from different regions like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh. Some students live here to practice here other came from their home at 4 in the evening every day. All students practice at the same time for around 3 hours. Students of age group 5-10 also come here. This akhada shows a great variation in the age of wrestlers.