Shelza Vatsa, Wrestler, Prem Nath Akhada, Anand Foundation

Shelza Vatsa, Wrestler, Prem Nath Akhada

In conversation with Shelza Vatsa, female wrestler at Prem Nath Akhada, Delhi

Q- Where are you from?

I am basically from Haryana. I belong to a Brahmin family.

Q- What kind of family background do you have?

My father had a shop in our home. My mother is a house wife, my elder brother is an electrical engineer. My younger brother is a civil engineer.

Q- Do you just come to practice here?

Yes, I come from the train at 1pm and get here at 3pm. I practice here till 6 and then again go back home. I reach back by 9. It is very hard for me to travel 120km every day.

Q- Why have you joined this particular akhada?

This akhada is very famous in Delhi and there are a lot of girls trained here. Mainly akhada don’t have such large number of women wrestlers, but this is the only akhada where 20 girls are trained.

Q- Did this akhada helped you in winning medals?

Yes, I won my medals after joining this akhada. This akhada helped me a lot. Our coach played an important role in my career. He had showed his whole efforts for me.

Q- Did you have your family support? Do they allow you to travel alone?

Yes, my family supports me a lot. They also allow me to travel alone. They believe in me and my profession. They never stopped from doing this because they knew that I wanted to be a wrestler badly.

Q- Is there anyone else from your family in this profession?

No, I am the first one to join any akhada or to compete in any wrestling tournament. No one is doing such thing in my family.

Q- Have you done your schooling?

Yes, I have done my schooling as well as my graduation. I have done Hindi honors from Laxmi Bai College, Delhi University. Nowadays it is important to complete our graduation.

Q- Was there any financial problem during your education?

No, I haven’t faced any such thing. From 5th standard, I have given sports scholarship in which I don’t have to pay for my fees. Even in college I was given admission through sports quota and the best sports player was given scholarship and I won that scholarship in my college and won several medals in my college.

Q- Are you planning to do your post-graduation?

No, I am done with studies. Now I am planning to focus on the upcoming tournaments.

Q- What your major achievements in this profession?

I have won:


Q- What is your daily routine?

I woke up at 4 in the morning. I run 2km every day. I do fitness work in the morning. I also do yoga and gym in the morning. I take my diet and rest in the afternoon. Then I take my train at 1 and reach here by 3. I practice till 6 and again take my train and reach home by 9pm.

Q- What is your routine for Sunday?

I take rest the whole day. I don’t make further plans on Sunday. I don’t like to visit any tourist place or any other places. I do my daily fitness work even on Sunday for 2 hrs. We usually visit places only during our tournaments.

Q- What kind of diet do prefer?

I take 2kg milk every day to strengthen my bones, high protein diet is given to me. I am allowed to eat junk food.

Q- You have taken part in what kind of tournaments?

I took part in many dangals and won several prize money like of Rs.5100, Rs.11000. Also in many Junior/ Senior National Wrestling Championships. I won many State Level Championship.

Q- What you do in your leisure time?

I don’t have that much free time to do something. I don’t have any hobbies. I only focus on my fitness and wrestling.

Q- What are your plans for upcoming tournaments?

I am preparing for NIS. This is for the post of wrestling coach. It will happen within one week from now.