Delhi The Emperor #39;s City


DELHI: The Emperor’s City       Rediscovering Chandini Chowk and its Environs ABOUT THIS BOOK Delhi: The Emperor’s City takes the reader through the Walled City: its intricate by-lanes, its colourful shops, its historical monuments, its magnificent mansions. The book is a rediscovery of Chandni Chowk and its environs. Through the ages, Purani Dilli, ‘a city of legends and stories’, has acquired a distinctive identity for its commercial and cultural activities. Its hallmark is a genteel lifestyle that has withstood the test of time and retained its unique Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb – the best of Islamic and Hindu etiquette. The peaceful coexistence of different faiths and cultures within its walls are a lesson in syncretic living. Delhi: The Emperor’s City celebrates the rich palimpsest that is the Walled City through its well-researched text and magnificent visuals, and is replete with a deep nostalgia for its old-world charm. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A quintessential Dilliwala, Vijay Goel, a former minister in the PMO and Member of Parliament from Chandni Chowk, is fascinated by India’s architectural heritage. Delhi: The Emperor’s City is the result of Goel’s tireless efforts in restoring the heritage of the Walled City. Currently, he is busy restoring one such haveli in Dharampura, which people fondly call Goel Saheb ki Haveli. His wife Preeti Goel shares his passion for the city.


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