Delirious Delhi


When the Big Apple no longer feltbig enough, Dave Prager and his wife, Jenny, moved to a city of sixteen millionpeople with seemingly twice as many honking horns. Living and working in Delhi,the couple wrote about their travails and discoveries on their popular blog OurDelhi Struggle. This book, all new, is Dave s top-to-bottom account of amegacity he describes as simultaneously ecstatic, hallucinatory, feverish, andhugely energizing. Weaving together useful observations and hilariousanecdotes, he covers what you need to know to enjoy the city and discover itssplendors: its sprawling layout, some favorite sites, the food, the markets,and the challenges of living in or visiting a city that presents every humanextreme at once. Among his revelations: secrets that every Delhiite knows,including the key phrase for successfully negotiating with any shopkeeper; themost fascinating neighbourhoods, and the trendiest; the realities behind commonstereotypes; tips for enjoying street food and finding hidden restaurants, aswell as navigating the transportation system; and the nuances of gestures likethe famous Indian head bobble. Delirious Delhi is at once tribute to a greatworld city and an invitation to explore. Read it, and you ll want to book thenext flight!


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