Glimpses From Indias Natural World by A K Sahay


From George Schaller’s foreword:
“The magnificent photographs in Glimpses from India’s Natural World evoketreasured memories in me. A barasingha stag giving its mournful bugle, a tigerstriding on velvet paws across a golden maidan, a peacock fanning its glorioustail, all remind me that India is filled with some of the world’s loveliestnatural treasures. …… Akhilesh Sahay’s focus on wild India is timely andurgent. His book celebrates the glory and grandeur of animals and theirhabitats in all their variety. The photographs testify to endless patience,skill, and great personal commitment, for they are not only of the iconic largemammals that most of us seek on a wilderness trip, but also of small andelusive creatures. I had not met the cryptic chameleon or the blinding beautyof an orange-headed thrush until the pages of this book. Every such image iseloquent in its own way, and each forges a bond of emotion between animal andviewer. Such bonds are essential in creating a public constituency for wildlifeand its conservation. The written word imparts knowledge and ideas butphotographs touch the heart.”

It is an excellent book and will surely play an importantrole in stirring people’s interest and respect for wildlife. Superb images,simple layout and thought provoking text make it a very useful book indeed. Auseful reference book for wildlife conservationists too. –Belinda Wright,Executive Director, Wildlife Protection Society of India


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