City Improbable Writings on Delhi


City Improbable Writings on Delhi ‘A prolific anthology that wears a veil of complete experience. The subject being incomparable and the interpretations so diverse, City improbable becomes a holistic and interesting examination … The city unfolds as a grandeur of history, with all the pomp and pretension of huge, ornate durbar, whose resplendence is marred only by the sorry state of the marginalized, at all times … The anthology is a connoisseur’s delight’ -Hindustan Times ‘[City Improbable] is like one of those classic Delhi parties: here you’ll meet the amateur historian, the architecture expert, the gossip, the social arbiter, the politician, even the evangelist … gives you the grand tour in one place’ -Business Standard ‘[A] highly readable anthology … The extracts and essays illustrate how the life of Delhi’s citizens has lurched from calamity to calamity at the whims of rulers and invaders’ -India Today ‘Part historic, part biographical, [City Improbable] is an informed collective of writers, each with his or her special perspective on the city … The book recognizes that the city’s life and pulse lies outside drawing room and on its streets … The hijras, Gymkhana Club members, pissers, maidservants, rich business types, rag pickers, eye teasers, MPs and defecators … are deftly constructed and deconstructed’ -tehelka.com literary review ‘This book runs through the gamut of multifariousness represented in [Delhi’s demography … with all the sometimes tangy, sometimes bittersweet vignettes that define this city’ -Indian Express ‘Anyone who has ever had anything to do with Delhi, or is interested in the history of cities, should take a look at this collection’ –Telegraph


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